Rio Grande Chicken Hollow to open June 1 in Rio de Janeiro

Rio Grandé Chicken Hollow will open June 2 in the heart of Rio’s urban core.

The chicken shop will serve the traditional Brazilian cuisine, served with rice, beans, potatoes and meatballs, as well as some seasonal specials.

Rio Grande Chicken Hollow is one of the many Brazilian eateries that have been expanding in recent years.

“It is not only a popular restaurant, but also a restaurant for families, young and old,” the restaurant’s marketing manager João Paulo Fábio told the AFP news agency.

Brazilian Prime Minister Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Rio’s President Michel Temer have praised the concept as a step forward for the country, but have also raised concerns about the impact of climate change on the city.

Fábiolo said the project was aimed at bringing back traditional Brazilian food.

There are already over 2,000 restaurants in Brazil, he said.

However, the development comes as Rio is trying to build on a rapid expansion plan, with plans for a city-wide metro system and a new railway system to connect Rio’s coastal regions with the rest of the country.