It’s a turkey ‘flood’: The tale of a duck’s ‘mama duck’

A duck’s “mama” has been credited with saving hundreds of lives, after she flew into a “flood” in the Tasmanian bushland.

The unnamed female duck, who lives on a remote property in the state’s south-east, was rescued on Sunday by her owners and sent to hospital, the ABC reported.

“It’s a real blessing that she’s alive,” Mr Gulledge said.

“She’s been with her family for quite a while, and she knows how to go into a flood and survive.”

“The family was in shock when they found her, they were quite upset, she’s very young, but she’s a lovely little bird,” he said.’

A great, gentle soul’The duck has been named Maddy, after her mother, who has lived with her since she was a baby.

“Her parents are in shock at the news, she is a great, lovely soul,” Ms Gullidge said.

Mr Gullie said Maddy had recently returned from a fishing trip to the remote area, where she had gone to lay a nest.

“We have a good group of people on that property who have been there for a number of years,” he told the ABC.

“So it’s a great family-friendly place, she knows everybody and she’s got a good, lovely family, and so we’re all looking forward to seeing her go home.”

The duck, named MADDY after her mum, has been flown to the local hospital.

The duck is expected to make a full recovery.