How to avoid the panic at Italian-owned footballers after the sale

Rome: Italy is facing an international uproar after it emerged it had sold the rights to the country’s domestic soccer teams to a Chinese consortium.

The sale of the Italian Serie A teams, which are owned by the state-controlled China Football Federation, has provoked a storm of criticism from fans and players alike, with some blaming the state for giving away control of the teams to China’s top sports conglomerate.

“I was shocked by this.

It’s not good,” said Alessandro Boffelli, who plays for Torino in Serie A. “I’m worried about the future.

The fans have to decide what to do.

They should go home, stay home and let the owners decide who gets to represent them.”

In an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica, Boffello said he would not accept that he and his fellow players could have been sold to a foreign entity.

“They should have been given the chance to leave the country and go home.

But they weren’t given that chance,” he said.”

If I had been sold, I would have been devastated, not only for myself, but also for my family.

I wouldn’t have the support of my father.

But Boffells team is only one of a number of Italian-based teams in China that are facing a similar fate.”

The way things are, it would have made a difference for the club.”

But Boffells team is only one of a number of Italian-based teams in China that are facing a similar fate.

The Italian-backed Lazio have been left without a club in China for two years after the state company that owns the club decided to sell them to a consortium headed by the Chinese Premier League club, Jiangsu Suning.

The Chinese government has denied that Lazio were sold for profit.

A number of Serie A clubs have been linked to Chinese ownership in recent years, with Serie A side Parma, Fiorentina and Juventus all being sold to Chinese investors.

Italian football is facing increasing scrutiny from Chinese players after a Chinese government-owned stadium was built at the expense of a Serie A team in the Italian city of Rome.

Lazio’s owners have denied wrongdoing and have insisted the club was sold at a reasonable price.