What to know about chicken imports from Mexico

The Trump administration on Wednesday lifted a nationwide ban on poultry imports from the country after a surge in imports from countries including China, Russia, Mexico and Vietnam.

The move came after Trump signed an executive order in January that prohibited any import of poultry from Mexico and set a new standard for importing chicken from the United States.

It also put a moratorium on new import orders from any country that has violated the ban.

But the new ban applies only to chickens, which Trump had initially restricted.

Under the new order, which also allows U.S. companies to export up to 50 percent of their poultry production to Mexico, the ban will expire in five years.

The decision to lift the ban came after a series of public statements from Trump and his advisers that called for the import ban to be lifted.

The White House also said the Trump administration would consider “restoring the temporary suspension of imports from certain countries.”

But the move will not apply to poultry that has been slaughtered in U. S. factories, including chickens raised for meat and eggs.

The USDA said the new standards will also allow U. s companies to import up to 80 percent of the chicken they raise domestically, or $15 billion in total.

The new rules also include a provision that would give the USDA authority to approve the sale of up to 60 percent of U.s poultry to U. nica countries.

Trump said in his Jan. 21 executive order that the U. of S. should “take a more active role in promoting trade with China and other countries that are promoting free trade and encouraging investment in our industries.”

The new administration also announced the first step in the U