‘Mystery of death’ at Marjak poultry farm in Indonesia

Indonesia’s government is investigating the death of a young farm worker who fell from a second-floor balcony while working on a chicken farm. 

Police said in a statement on Sunday that police found the body of 29-year-old Marjaksus chicken farmer, Marjako Saruak, in a house on the farm in a suburb of Jakarta.

He was reported missing after he failed to return home on Saturday night, after leaving his job at a poultry farm, police said.

Marjak was the second farm worker to die at the poultry farm last month. 

The deaths came as Indonesia grapples with a rise in deaths linked to a massive outbreak of coronavirus, with the country now on track to have the highest number of coronapies recorded in the world. 

It was the first time that the country had recorded more than 1,000 confirmed cases. 

Indonesia’s top health official said on Sunday he was investigating the deaths.

“I am deeply concerned about the loss of Marjaki Saruaks life,” he said in Jakarta.

“It is very tragic.” 

Marjako, a single mother, had been working for the poultry company, Marjo Kanto, for a year and a half.

Her employer, Majid Hamidi, said in a statement that the farm owner had been in contact with his family and would pay a tribute to his daughter.

“Our thoughts are with the family, who are still in shock and mourning his death,” he said.

“Marjaki was an exceptional and dedicated worker who worked hard and made a positive impact on her farm.

She was well loved by her family and colleagues and had no motive for her death.

She will be deeply missed.” 

Police are currently investigating the cause of death.

The farm is the third to be hit by the coronaviruses coronaviral outbreak. 

On Saturday, authorities said they had found a body found at the house of a family member who said Marjaka had died there.

The death of Marjaak’s father, Za’ar Saruak, a poultry worker, was also reported.

Police have said they believe there may be more than 100 other farm workers who may have died. 

Investigators have said the deaths are connected.