How does one make a homemade chicken seasoning?

The recipe, which is a staple in many Middle Eastern cuisines, is not a new one, but it has only recently received widespread recognition in the West.

Traditionally, chicken seasoning is made from minced meat, but modern technology has made it possible to transform it into something much more complex.

The traditional recipe uses ground poultry or pork to make the base, which has been replaced with a blend of spices such as paprika, ginger and garlic.

It is usually prepared with a thick sauce that is then added to the finished product, often using a combination of dried herbs, spices and sugar.

For this recipe, the traditional recipe calls for ground chicken, pork, and water, with a mix of spices added.

Here’s how it works: 1.

First, you make a mix.

This is where it gets a little tricky, because chicken and pork have a tendency to dry out if they get too hot.

So you can add a few tablespoons of water, and then cook the meat over high heat until it begins to cook and turn golden brown.

This step takes a long time.

But it will give you a great base for the seasoning to work.

It’s important that you do this over a long period of time, because it makes the mixture even more flavorful.


Add the spices and your ingredients.

In the traditional version, the ingredients are minced pork, chicken, salt and pepper.

In modern recipes, the chicken is often cooked in a pressure cooker and the pork added to a large stockpot.

This way, the spices are added gradually over the course of the cooking process, which also gives the chicken a slightly thicker sauce.


Add a little more salt and freshly ground pepper.

The combination of the spices gives the meat a unique flavor.

If you are making the seasoning for a meal, add more spices, so that the sauce will have a deeper flavor.


Add some extra chicken stock, if desired.

If making the recipe as a snack, add a bit more stock to the mix.


Add more water, if needed.

For a traditional recipe, this means adding a bit of water to the mixture.

For modern versions, you can substitute chicken broth or water for water.

The final product should taste like chicken stock.

If using water, you might want to add it gradually, to keep the sauce from getting too thick.


Stir it all together.

The mixture should come together nicely.

When it does, you have a thick, flavorful sauce.


Cook it in the pressure cooker.

When you’re ready to serve, add the sauce to the chicken.

To serve, you should add some lettuce, or serve it on a bed of spinach.

If your guests want something with a bit less meat, they can add chopped herbs to the sauce as well.

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