Which of the latest poultry wares will you be cooking?

As of now, we can’t say exactly which brands are getting the new automatic chicken waterers, but the brand name will likely be “Automatic Chicken.”

The new machines will make it easier for customers to quickly order a batch of chicken or turkey, or cook it in advance and order more as needed.

This will mean fewer trips to the kitchen.

Some of the brands, like the popular Frito-Lay brand, have been experimenting with the new machines.

FritoLay and Chipotle also have their own automatic chicken machines.

Some chicken-centric restaurants, like Panera Bread, are experimenting with new machines, too.

But, so far, the automated chicken-waterer concept hasn’t caught on with the mainstream.

A few brands, including Panera and Trader Joe’s, are testing the new machine in-house.

But it’s not yet clear if they’ll be able to sell the new models in-store.

It’s unclear if the machines will be offered in grocery stores, either.

The companies are also trying to expand the range of products that they offer customers, including more customizable options like a customizable chicken nugget and a customizable breakfast sandwich.

The new automatic waterers are also designed to make it easy for customers who don’t want to manually cook their food.

They’ll be designed to use standard cooking equipment, like a stovetop, oven, or pressure cooker.

In addition, they’ll include a “smart” option that allows customers to adjust the temperature of the watered food at the end of the cook.

For instance, if you don’t like the temperature at the beginning of the cooking process, you can adjust the heat at the very end of cooking.

Customers can also use the machine to cook their own food, which is something that many restaurants, and many home cooks, don’t really want to do.