‘Tough love’: Chicken farmer tries to keep his flock alive

A farmer who was left with no chicken for more than two weeks after a severe virus outbreak in his home village has taken the extraordinary step of offering free chicken and lamb to people with medical conditions.

Key points:Mr Bishnupad has made the offer after receiving a letter from a patient who was recovering from a severe infection in his family’s poultry villa at Bishnu, in the village of Tondu in GujaratThe patient, who has not been identified, has a heart condition and had no chance of survivalThe local government has agreed to provide the chicken and lambs Mr Bishnpad has offered are available to anyone with a medical conditionThe patient has been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai for treatment, but has recovered enough to be able to return home.

The patient’s heart condition was brought on by pneumonia and the virus had been circulating in the area.

He has had no hope of survival.

Mr Biscupad said he has been offering the offer since Wednesday evening.

“I have not taken any medicine or any medicine by mouth or intravenous.

I have offered free food.

The offer has come from the Government of Gujarat and I have decided to offer free food to people.”

I do not have any money.

If I can afford food, I will do it,” he said.

Mr Bischupad is an agricultural expert who has worked in the community for the past decade.

After the virus started circulating in his village in August last year, he said he took out a loan from his family, which he has since repaid.

While the illness affected only the family, he and his wife and three children had no choice but to put the entire family in the villa and have no more than 10 chickens or three pigs.”

If the virus has not killed them, we will have to buy new chickens, which are of no use to us.

But if they have been infected, we cannot sell them,” he told NDTV.

The villagers were left with only a handful of chickens and pigs to care for the chickens and the pigs.

It took the health authorities more than a month to recover from the virus, which was spreading rapidly.

But Mr Bischups work, family and work relationships, and his family have kept his village alive.

He said that while he was working with the villagers, he noticed that there was a lot of stress in their lives.

There was no work, no education, no work at all.

He thought it was a good idea to give them a chicken and a lamb, so that they would be able survive,” he explained.”

We are all struggling here.”

In August, he was offered a chicken by a farmer in the same village.

“He offered to buy it for free, which I was delighted about,” Mr Biscups son, Kishan, said.

“After two weeks, I got a call from the hospital saying the chicken had gone bad.

He said the chicken was dead and there was nothing to do but wait for the body to come back,” Kishnaps father added.

Mr Kishans father and son have been able to feed their flock, and even sell some of the food they were able to procure from nearby markets.

However, the family was in financial difficulties.

“My family is not able to work at the moment, so we are struggling to survive,” Mr Kishaps son added.

So far, Mr Kisans family has provided free food for the village and provided him with the money to buy the chicken.

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