How to fix your chicken wire fence

If your chicken fence is sticking out a bit, or you want to make it more durable, you might consider fixing it with a piece of wire fencing that’s been coated in a coating of chicken wire. 

If you have a small wire fence, you can use a piece that’s the same thickness as the wire, or a different piece. 

The wire can be purchased online, and can be coated in an oil-based coating, which will help keep the wire from sticking out and sticking to the fence.

The coating will also help keep it from scratching or sticking to your chicken’s skin. 

Here’s how to get started with chicken wire fencing.1.

Cut the wire to the correct length2.

Place it on the wire fence and bend it back to fit3.

Slide the wire out of the way4.

Cut and solder the wire on the outside5.

Secure the wire with an electrical tape6.

Secure it with electrical tape7.

Install the wire into your chicken cage8.

Take the chicken wire to a local poultry vet and get it checked out for any issues.