What to do if you see poultry from an Indian restaurant

The name of this restaurant in central India means nothing to most Indians but it’s a source of great pride.

The owner says the word for ‘poultry’ means ‘mother’.

It is also the name of a chicken coop that makes its home in the heart of Uttar Pradesh state.

Poultry show centre is a term used to describe large gatherings of poultry in a market.

They can range from 1,000 to 10,000 chickens.

They can be cooked, smoked, salted, roasted and sold for food or eaten with rice.

There are hundreds of restaurants that have sprung up around the country to cater to the growing appetite for chicken.

The Poultry Show Centre in Lucknow is one of the biggest and busiest, and the number of people who flock here for the chance to eat and eat and sell their own chicken is huge.

When the owners realised the demand, they decided to make a name for themselves by making their own poultry show.

It was a bold move, and one that they are now hoping will make them more popular with locals.

The owners say the name ‘pig’ was given to the chicken as a mark of respect for their ancestors who migrated to India in the late 19th century.

In India, pigs are a symbol of strength and strength of community, they say.

I would like to introduce this chicken to the people and say that this is my chicken, and it is my honour to call it pig.

Poultry show leader, Chinta Ramakrishnan, says they started their show because they were looking for a way to attract attention to their chicken.

They said the chicken was brought in for a taste test and it was loved by the audience, he says.