NFL: Peyton Manning’s suspension ends Colts season, opens window for Eli Manning

By MALCOLM DENVER — The Denver Broncos are getting the last laugh after Peyton Manning is reinstated from his indefinite suspension.

Manning will return to practice Monday after he was ordered to undergo an independent medical evaluation and undergo a physical exam, according to the league.

The NFL is keeping its medical personnel and the Broncos’ medical staff in close contact.

Manning’s agent, David Canter, told the Associated Press on Sunday that the team was hopeful of seeing the player back on the field in three to four weeks.

He said the Broncos are optimistic Manning would be back for the Broncos-Seahawks game on Oct. 25, but they don’t know when that could be.

The team said they expect Manning to be out four to six weeks.

Broncos coach Mike Shanahan told reporters Sunday the team had no immediate plans to play Manning this season.

The Broncos have been the biggest beneficiaries of Manning’s stay, scoring 31.3 points per game over the past two seasons.

The suspension ends the two-year, $44 million contract Manning signed with the Broncos in 2017.