Chicken wire fence to be installed at Harrison poultry farm

New chicken wire fencing will be installed on a farm in Harrison, County Clare, to help protect poultry and other animals.

The fence will be the first of its kind in the region and is being designed to protect livestock from bird and insect damage.

“It’s really important for the environment, it’s really good for the birds and they really benefit from it,” said John Gough, the farm’s owner.

The fencing is part of an upgrade to the farm which has already been designed and built by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and will be inspected and approved by the County Council in April.

The new fencing is being paid for by a £1.6 million grant from the Government.

The grant will be available to any other agricultural landholder who has an interest in protecting livestock, which could include those on the edge of the farm.

The upgrade is the first in the area and will allow the farm to become a more efficient and cost effective operation.

“I’m really happy with the result and it’s going to be a big win for the farming community, the environment and our neighbours,” said Mr Gough.

The project is part in the Dairies of Ireland (Dairies) programme, a $8.5 million upgrade programme funded by the Government to improve the quality of farming and ensure that the industry is sustainable.

Dairys Ireland, a partnership of local farmers and non-farm businesses, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of poultry feed and chicken feed, which is also used by dairy farmers.

The upgrades to the dairy are expected to create more than 1,500 jobs over the next five years.

More to come.