How poultry dust causes poultry diseases

More than half of the poultry in the UK is infected with a bird-flu-like illness known as chickenpox, and researchers have now discovered a way to make a vaccine against it.

The virus is spread through the air by droplets of contaminated dust, known as vetrx.

The researchers, led by Prof Robert Maclean from the University of Southampton, say the virus is transmitted through droplets on clothing, clothes, shoes and clothing products, but it can also be passed on from person to person through contact with contaminated surfaces such as clothing.

The vaccine is currently being tested on human volunteers, but is not expected to be approved until 2021. 

Researchers believe the virus can be easily eradicated by wearing masks or using gloves.

“The virus is a relatively low risk to people,” said Maclean.

“We have not shown it is transmitted in the way that a coronavirus is, so that is why it’s being given the treatment it is.”

It is possible to make the vaccine in a relatively short time, so you don’t need to have any specific precautions.

“You just wear a mask, wear gloves, and it is quite safe.”

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