‘Cats, like humans, are our best friends’

It is the first time in history that birds and poultry are part of the same family, according to new research.

Dr Adam Goodfellow and his team at the University of Newcastle found the evolutionary relationships between birds and mammals are so close that it is unlikely any species could have evolved without them.

“We are talking about relationships that are very strong and very complex,” Dr Goodfmann said.

“They are not just based on one species, or a single gene.”

The birds and the mammals are really, really close and they don’t have to interact with each other as much, but they are so very similar.

“Dr Goodfiston said the team wanted to understand the evolutionary pressures that were holding back the birds and cattle populations of Australia, particularly in Queensland.”

If you look at the numbers of people in the country and you look across Australia there are still some populations that are suffering from habitat loss, or drought, or pollution, and that is really impacting on the population and the environment,” he said.

The team looked at the genomes of the two major groups of birds and their domestic animals, including ducks, geese, and turkeys.”

There are a lot of questions that we are going to be able to answer,” Dr Goodwinfiston explained.”

What’s the effect of the bird in the environment, or the species that is there?

“Dr Goodwill said birds are the most important source of protein for domestic animals.”

Birds feed on the bones of animals, and then they use the bones to build nests, so the birds feed on bones and that feeds the birds,” Dr Goodmanfiston told news.com.au.”

And that’s a big part of their diet.

“The research was conducted at the Australian National University’s Department of Molecular Biology and Ecology, and has been published in the journal Science Advances.

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