‘Dried fish and eggs’ will be the new norm at your wusthof shears

Wusthof Shears are now the new normal for many home cooks, and you won’t have to wait long to catch up on the latest fashions and products in the industry.

It’s all about the new products coming to market in the wake of the Wusthoff outbreak.

There are a few new products on the market now, such as the Wagamama Herring Bone Meal, which is said to be an “unusual and unique” meal that is “extremely high in protein”.

“It is made with whole bone marrow and liver,” explains the Wagamsama website.

“The liver is the main component of this protein and is used in making a very high quality meat product.”

It also contains “all the essential amino acids”.

Other new products include the Wurefus Meat Protein, which contains “whole bones, marrow, liver, and the skin of the animal,” as well as a “natural ingredient” called “sugared fat”.

The website says it has been available since January 2018.

Other ingredients included in the meal include “raw pork”, “fresh watermelon”, “eggs”, “dried fish”, “frozen salmon”, “vegetable oil”, “sausage” and “dairy milk”.

“This new meat product is the latest addition to the Wagaminas brand and we are excited to bring you more details as they become available,” says the Wagastones website.

It goes on to describe the meat product as “a great source of protein”.

And as for the dried fish, it has a “minimal amount of salt”.

Wusthaus Shears will be available to buy in March 2019, the Wagestons website says.

“Our products have the potential to provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional butchering methods, and offer a taste of the traditional taste of Wagastons food,” the website says, adding: “Wusthof will continue to support Wagaston through its ongoing efforts to support the local industry, and to help the Wagas continue to flourish.”