Why the FDA won’t regulate chicken-filled patties

In a rare moment of bipartisan unity, the House of Representatives passed an appropriations bill that would block the Food and Drug Administration from regulating poultry-filled patty makers.

While the House’s passage is unlikely to cause a major stir, the bill would effectively end the Obama administration’s ability to regulate the industry.

The bill, which passed on a voice vote, has the support of some key members of the House Republican caucus, but has received the backing of Democrats.

It will now head to the Senate, where Democrats have vowed to block it from becoming law.

“There are many more important issues that need to be addressed before this omnibus bill becomes law,” Democratic Representative Nydia Velázquez said in a statement.

“But it is crucial that the Senate act to protect our families, and I am glad to support the House version of the bill.”

The bill would not require the FDA to issue any new regulations, but would require the agency to provide notice of any proposed changes to the agency’s current regulations.

The FDA would be required to report to Congress about any proposed regulation to Congress.