New report finds ‘substantial’ risk of poultry farm deaths in southern states

Time has come to look at the poultry industry in the southern United States, which has been in a severe drought for decades.

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced Thursday that it would start releasing data about how poultry farmers are coping with the drought, and the agency hopes to eventually have more information on the industry’s performance.

The USDA is releasing its 2016 report on poultry in the South, which it says is a “previously unreleased snapshot of the agriculture landscape in the Southern states.”

The report covers more than 100 years of poultry farming in the state, and is intended to show how well farmers are performing in the face of drought conditions.

The report will include the most recent data available, including weather conditions and feedstock production.

It will also include updates on water availability, soil conditions and crop health.

In addition, USDA will share a range of other data with the public.

The poultry industry has faced severe drought conditions in southern and central states for more than a decade.

The USDA reports that the area affected by the drought has been severely affected by it, with some farmers having to scale back operations or move production to places like the Midwest, where the weather is more favorable.

The drought has also led to severe crop losses in the Southeast and Plains, where growers have been forced to plant crops in areas where there are higher temperatures.

In recent years, the USDA has warned that some poultry farmers have been able to survive under extreme weather conditions, but some of those farms are facing challenges with crop production, and some of the companies that make their products have been caught up in the ongoing crisis.

For example, Tyson Foods, which makes chicken feed and products, has reported a decrease in production for the past few years, according to The New York Times.

In response, the chicken industry has been calling for greater transparency, including a mandatory food safety audit.

The American Poultry Association (APAA) also launched an online petition calling for the USDA to release more information about the poultry sector, as well as a series of food safety measures the USDA could implement to ensure that its products are safe for people to eat.