When to buy: How to protect yourself from the new breed of viruses

Delmarva Poultry Industries, which produces poultry netting, has a new viral outbreak that is impacting more than 300 poultry farms.

The virus, known as P-101, has caused a major disruption to the industry and has left poultry operators scrambling to figure out what to do with the equipment and the staff that works on the plants.

The company says it has not yet identified any fatalities.

But it’s unclear how many people have been infected, because there are no statistics on the number of people who are affected.

The company’s owner says the virus has caused major economic losses, and the loss of employees has been huge.

“Our first reaction was, `What’s going on?

Who are these guys?

Why are they so stupid?'” said Gary P. Stebbins, president and CEO of the company.

“The answer is, they have a virus that is just out of control, that is killing them.”

Stebbens says he was working on a poultry production facility in Georgia when he noticed that his poultry production equipment was not functioning as it should.

He says he called his management and asked what he should do.

Stebbsons management was not immediately available for comment.